Hatef is a professional photographer with over 10 years of experience and his aim in the market is always for leading companies nationally and globally. He highly believes in minimum retouching and maximum quality of the frames he shoots and his experience in controlling the light makes this goal come to reallity.

Hatef covers fashion, beauty and advertising photo and video shoots for commercial clients. He started photography with intention for street photography and photojournalism and his coverages from social events have been published in prestigious news agencies like BBC.

As a photographer and an engineer Hatef tries to catch the symetry in composition, lights and colors in every frame which in his understanding of universe, this is the nature's essence for sure.

He is an active member of global ambassador of Hasselblad, Karl Taylor's Visual Academy and has received a lighting masterclass diploma from that academy. He got the top 30 photographer title in Istanbul and top 100 photographer title in Turkey from 35AWARDS international photography contest.